5 Online Live Casino Games That Will Give You the Thrill You’ve Been Looking For

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you’ll find that the right online live casino can give you the thrill you’ve been looking for. Whether you want to play blackjack, roulette, or sic bo, you can find a game that suits your needs and tastes.

Gold Bar Roulette

Developed by Evolution Gaming, Gold Bar Roulette is the latest in live casino innovation. This roulette game uses gold bars as in-game currency, and players can collect the number of gold bars they win in a spin. In addition, this version of the game is designed with a mobile-first approach.

Players can bet up to $10,000 per spin on the Gold Bar Roulette game. The game’s betting options are similar to those of European Roulette, but Gold Bar Roulette has some unique settings. In addition to the standard bets, players can also place win multipliers on the board, or stack multiple Gold Bars on a Straight Up bet spot.


Those who play blackjack at a land-based casino are familiar with the optimum blackjack strategy. This is a mathematically sound trick that enables players to maximize their chances of winning. It works for games with up to eight decks of cards.

A live dealer can provide some extra spice to the gameplay. They can also offer exclusive promotions and bonuses. They also provide players with an immersive experience. These casinos are also tested by independent bodies to ensure that they are fair and safe to play.

Sic Bo

Regardless of which platform you play in, Sic Bo is a very simple game that involves three dice and lots of betting. Rather than a complex strategy, it’s important to understand the odds and probabilities of the different bets. Then you can build your own Sic Bo strategy, and maximize your odds of winning.

One of the best betting strategies involves placing multiple bets. The odds of winning multiple bets are better than a single bet, and multiple bets will also help you balance your risk and keep your bankroll in check.

Avoiding hot and cold numbers

Whether you play online live casino games or offline, avoiding hot and cold numbers is a good way to keep your bets in check. Using hot and cold numbers in your gambling strategy can lead to losses or even failure. You may want to start out by focusing on betting on numbers that haven’t come up yet, and then excluding numbers that have already won. You can also try to follow patterns in the game to determine winning numbers.


Choosing the right online live casino can make or break a players online gaming experience. A good choice would be a site that offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, as well as a customer service team that can assist players with technical issues. Having a good customer service team can also go a long way in preventing players from being scammed, if they happen to be the victims of online fraud.

For a truly safe experience, players should only gamble with money they can afford to lose. This is particularly true of novice players, who aren’t always aware of the security measures in place at the online live casino they are considering. To avoid this, players should always use a strong password, and never give out their personal information to a site that isn’t trustworthy.