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Over the past months we have been highlighting success stories in the green economy in our three target states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. We have exposed the thousands of jobs the renewable energy industry has created through projects such as solar farms, lithium battery factories, and clean rail public transportation projects.

A recent report on renewable energy throughout the United States in 2012 gave us some numbers that reveal the status of renewable energy in each state. In 2012, our three states had a total of 351,562 green jobs.

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One of the most cited arguments against weaning ourselves off our fossil fuel addiction and transitioning to renewable energy is it will lead to economic calamity. While this transition won’t happen overnight, we can get the best of both worlds – a strong economy and a country fueled by renewable energy – with all the positive consequences that entails. This report reveals that this “win-win” scenario isn’t a pipedream. Rather, if we as a nation act intentionally with our resources and innovation we can realize a stronger, more sustainable, safer, cleaner world for future generations. These actions honor God by honoring His creation.

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