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Gearing up for World Food Day

Well, it's officially October.. and we have SO MUCH going on this month that it's hard to keep it all straight. But that's our job, not yours ;)

In the meantime, we really want you all to know about World Food Day. On October 16th, people around the world will be joining together in the global movement to end hunger (see more here). We've taken this on as a project because the connections between climate change, drought, famine, and global food scarcity are undeniable. We'll explain.

Climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather events like droughts and floods. These storms can ruin entire crop seasons for farmers who rely on what they grow and harvest to feed themselves and their families. It only takes one or two failed crop seasons to leave people starving, unable to find or purchase food.

To promote World Food Day, we launched a special tab on our Good Steward Campaign facebook page. This also shares videos, resources, and more information. If you want to participate by downloading materials (a placemat and discussion guide), then Like our facebook page and let us know! We're trying to make World Food Day 2013 (#wfd2013) the biggest one yet.

World Food Day dinners are a time to be thankful, a time to show solidarity with the hungry, and a time to think about what we can do to put an end to global hunger. So gather around with your family, your friends, your church, or your classmates. Then, share with us (jessica@goodstewardcampaign.org) how you celebrated WFD 2013. We'll be posting the best stories on our website, facebook, and twitter.


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