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Eric Sapp speaks at Davidson College

This piece initially debuted in The Davidsonian online

Special FCA guest speaker tonight

Twelve years ago, on September 11, 2001, Eric Sapp left his job at the Pentagon, where his office was located in the very wing that was destroyed by the terrorist attacks.  He went to Duke in order to finish two Masters degrees in Divinity and Public Policy. This September 11, though, he will return to his alma mater, Davidson College, to speak to FCA about his personal faith journey and the issues of faith, politics, climate, and national security--topics that are far more interrelated than one may think.

Sapp is the founding partner of an influential consulting firm and works with both faith and politics. He was named one of a dozen 2007 culture changing “mavericks” by Details magazine for his role in reshaping the faith and political landscape of America.

Two years later, the Wall Street Journal credited the American Values Network (AVN), a non-profit organization he helped found that applies political lessons to issue advocacy, with playing a central role in passing the 2009 Climate Bill in the U.S. House. The White House and Senate Leadership citedAVN campaigns as turning points in the ratification of the New START Treaty and adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty.
Sapp has been a Senate Committee staffer, a House Appropriations staffer, and has served five years in the parish. In his most recent venture to explore how video games can shape attitudes and create real-world outcomes, he created the most popular Christian game in the iTunes Store.

As a student at Davidson, Sapp played football and was named MVP his senior season. He also served as the president of FCA for two years. He credits Davidson and FCA with molding the values and beliefs that shaped what he has done since Davidson.

“FCA helped me turn my primarily intellectual faith into a much more personal and relational one,” Sapp said. “It was at Davidson that I first felt a call to ministry, and it was through classroom experiences, football, and FCA that I was able to see the importance and opportunities for ministry outside the parish.”

Tonight, Sapp will speak to FCA on behalf of AVN’s Good Steward Campaign to share his faith journey, discuss how the issue of climate has become intertwined with so many Christian priorities in Washington, D.C., and share the lessons he has learned on living out one’s faith after college.

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